Upgrading to a Lean Clean Modern Machine

Upgrading to a Lean Clean Modern Machine

Q: What if a buyer is faced with an old system?

A: An old Oilheat system is no different than any other outdated system, regardless of the fuel used. Old systems can generate high fuel bills but can easily be replaced with new Oilheat technology. The Consumer Energy Council of America concluded that changing fuel sources makes “no economic sense” and a better investment would be to upgrade older equipment in order to improve efficiency.

Upgrading to a new Oilheat system pays

Q: Besides a total replacement, are there low-cost ways to improve an Oilheat system’s efficiency?

A: Yes. A professional tune-up once a year can increase efficiency by as much as 10%. Homeowners can also improve efficiency –
by as much as 25% – if they replace an old burner with a modern, flame-retention burner rather than the entire furnace or boiler. This is a modest investment with a rapid payback. It is estimated that flame-retention burners have saved homeowners millions of dollars in fuel costs and conserved more than six billion gallons of oil.

Oilheat gives you all the hot water you need

Q: How does a homeowner know if a system should be replaced?
A: Oilheat systems typically last 30 years and longer. However, the older and less efficient the system, the greater the gain in efficiency and cleanliness through upgrading. Many Oilheat dealers perform low or no-cost equipment evaluations that will help determine if a heating system needs to be replaced.

Oilheat is a great way to heat water.

This is a strong selling point for growing families whose dishwashers, washing machines and showers always seem to be running.  With the rapid recovery rates of oil-fired water heaters, it’s unlikely that homeowners will run out of hot water – and they’ll save  money, too! Homeowners should contact a local Oilheat company to find out which water heating option is best for them. Search for: