How Does Oilheat Hot Water Systems Work?

How Does Oilheat Hot Water Systems Work?

1.) Your thermostat senses that the room’s energy The information contained in these two pages is a great reference tool for you. Individual systems may vary from the pictures presented below, but the underlying concepts will always
remain the same. temperature has fallen below the designated setting. In response, it sends a signal to the controls on the oil burner.

2.) Oil is then pumped to the burner. The nozzle on the burner converts the oil into a fine mist, which is then sent to the combustion chamber.

3.) Inside the combustion chamber, the fine mist is mixed with air and ignited, which causes the chamber to get extremely hot.

4.) Water is heated as it circulates around the combustion chamber, and is then pumped throughout the baseboard heaters of the home. This results in warmth issuing from the baseboard

5.) As the water circulates and begins to cool, it cycles back to the boiler and is heated again and again, until the designated thermostat temperature is maintained.*

6.) Combustion emissions from the burner are sent through the flue pipe and out the chimney, leaving the home altogether.