How Does Oil Heat Hot Air Work?

How Does Oil Heat Hot Air Work?

1.) Your thermostat senses that the room’s temperature has fallen below the designated setting. In response, it sends a signal to the
controls on the oil burner.

2.) Oil is then pumped to the burner. The nozzle on the burner converts the oil into a fine mist, which is then sent to the combustion

3,4.) Inside the combustion chamber, the fine mist is mixed with air and then ignited, which causes the chamber to get extremely hot.

5,6,7.) The furnace’s heat exchanger warms the air from the house. This warm air is then propelled by a blower through the home’s

8.) Combustion emissions from the system are sent through the flue pipe and out the chimney, leaving the home altogether. None
of this air enters the house.