Tips For Added Efficiency and Convenience

Tips For Added Efficiency and Convenience

When your home is heated by clean, renewable Bioheat ® fuel or Oilheat, you can be confident that your heating fuel produces near-zero emissions and has virtually no negative impact on the environment. That being said, here are several tips to improve your home comfort and heating efficiency even further:

• Schedule a heating system tune-up before the cold season arrives. Regular maintenance can reduce heating oil consumption by 5 percent or more.

• Have a programmable thermostat installed. When properly used, it can reduce annual energy expenses by up to $100.

• Insulate thoroughly to cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 15 percent.

• Take advantage of Oilheat’s versatility. Home heating oil is now used in radiant floor heating systems, to warm pools and spas, and even to melt snow from driveways.

• If you plan to add a room or renovate, contact your local home heating company. The people there may know about options that a typical contractor is not familiar with.

• When purchasing new appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR ® label. ENERGY STAR- designated appliances are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

• Oilheat companies aren’t large monopolies, so homeowners can choose a company that best suits their needs and personalities. Most Oilheat dealers are locally owned and operated with deep roots in their communities.

• Heating oil cannot explode. If you dropped a lit match into a barrel of heating oil, the match would go out as if you dropped it in water. Oil must be turned into a fine-particle mist before it will ignite and burn, typically at temperature of 130°-140°.